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Company History

In 1999 Victor Hnyp and Tina Hnyp - owners of California Decor Store - built a custom home in Redding. The original intent was to sell the home as a spec home, but the Hnyps fell in love with the house - and the home building experience.

During the next few years the Hnyps, along with investor partners, built and sold additional spec homes. Some of the "finish" items used in the homes - granite, marble, travertine tiles - were imported from Mexico.

Each time the Hnyps went to Mexico their friends would request items be brought back for them: vases, wrought iron, statues, pottery, and other home decor. Pretty soon the Hnyps realized that Redding could use a store that specialized in imported home decor and gifts.

The Hnyps decided to put their idea to the test. They rented a 10' x 10' booth space at the 2004 Spring Home and Garden Show at the Shasta County Fairgrounds in Anderson. The test items sold well, and California Decor Store was born!

California Decor Store opened for business on May 26, 2004, in the Redding Downtown Mall. The store was originally 2,025 square feet in size. In October a Garden section was added, and the store grew to 3,400 square feet.

In June, 2006, California Decor Store established an eBay store and began shipping products world-wide. The store was awarded "eBay PowerSeller" status in 2007, and still holds that distinguished honor today.

In 2007 California Decor Store began an extensive expansion and remodeling. On April 28, 2007 the new section opened for business and the store nearly doubled in size to 6,400 square feet. We became the largest home decor & gift store in Redding.

The next few years saw huge increases in sales and customers. It seemed you could go to anyone's home in the greater Redding area and California Decor Store home decor or garden decor.

The "Great Recession" brought hard times to the Redding area, but the economy outside of California didn't get hit near as hard. California Decor Store's online sales continued to grow while "brick and mortar" store traffic declined. In early 2011 the Hnyps decided to close the retail store to concentrate on decorator consulting services and expansion of the eBay Store.

Today, you can call Tina at (530) 227-5260 and still get home decor, garden decor, gifts, and just about all the other items that we carried in the physical store when it was open. Local delivery is still available in the greater Redding area.

Need help selling your home or re-decorating? Call Tina to schedule an in-home design consultation.


Company Credos

CUSTOMER SERVICE:  Top priority - Period!

SHOPPING SHOULD BE FUN!   While you shop, we play “vacation music” to soothe your soul. Jimmy Buffet, various Hawaiian and Reggae bands take you away from Redding and place you on your favorite beach!

Our staff and crew are constantly joking and bantering with each other (we believe that work can ALSO be fun!) and you are more than welcome to join in! From the latest funny one-liner to discussing a favorite restaurant - we love to interact with our customers.

Nothing thrills us more than seeing a group of friends meet each other in the store before or after a dinner or show.

BE CONFIDENT IN YOUR PURCHASE:   Not sure if something fits in with your existing decor? Wrong color, size, or the spouse doesn’t like it? No problem! We have a 30-day refund or exchange policy - no questions asked! As long as the item comes back in the same condition it left, you’re covered! Don’t have your receipt? No problem! We can look up your purchase history in our computer system.

GREAT PRICE, GREAT QUALITY: We strive to remain affordable without sacrificing quality. Customers constantly tell us we have the best prices and selection in Redding.

IF WE DON’T HAVE IT, WE’LL TRY OUR BEST TO GET IT FOR YOU:  Looking for something hard-to-find, a certain size, or a certain color? We’ll add your name to our Customer Special Request Book and then try our best to find it for you through custom-shopping. Once we locate the item and bring it to CDS we’ll call you and let you know to come in and see it. Doesn’t matter if it is a $2 keychain or a $2,000 curio cabinet - if it isn’t what you were looking for you are NOT under obligation to purchase it! We are able to fulfill on average 40% of Special Requests for our customers.

WE’LL HELP YOU LOAD YOUR VEHICLE.  Need help out to the car? No problem! We have a convenient loading zone literally 10 feet from our front door. Something too large for you to haul home by yourself? We’ll deliver it to your home for a nominal charge.

HONESTY - ALWAYS THE BEST POLICY!  We will NEVER up-sell you or mislead you about a product. We will honestly tell you if we have plenty of an item in stock, or if we are running low. If something isn’t designed to go outdoors or isn’t dishwater-safe we’ll do our best to warn you.

GIVE BACK TO THE COMMUNITY.   From food drives to raffle donations, from downtown revitalization to homeless shelters, we strive to help local schools, charities, and non-profit organizations whenever we can.

HAPPY CUSTOMERS = BUSINESS SUCCESS = EVEN BETTER SELECTION / PRICES:  Positive word-of-mouth is why we’ve grown to be the largest home decor / gift store in Redding. Wonderful repeat customers are why our sales have grown 30% each year. This allows us to carry more products, get better prices from vendors, and pass the savings on to you!

SOMETHING NOT TO YOUR SATISFACTION?   Did we fall down on something? I want to know about it! Feel free to e-mail me with ANY questions, comments or concerns. I promise I will personally respond back to you. My e-mail address is: VictorH@CalDecorStore.com


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