Rick Johnson Apartment Makeover

Rick Johnson of Help-U-Sell Realty in Redding is one lucky person! He was the winner of the latest Redding Chamber of Commerce membership drive, sponsored by Keubler's Furniture, California Decor Store, Wired for Sound, and other local Redding Chamber of Commerce business members. The total value of the give-away was worth $25,000.00!

Apartment makeovers can be a bit of a challenge space-wise. It is important to keep in mind that the renter will not live in the space permanently, and would like to take their decor items with them to their new residence when they move.

We used Rick's existing furniture, and transformed the bare, white walls into a warm, inviting space. The bar stools, green couch, and chair with ottoman created the perfect setting for touches of wrought iron and a combination torchiere / reading lamp. The opposite wall featured a big-screen plasma TV, and we framed this focal point with a wrought iron scroll above the TV and wrought iron hurricane lamp candle holders on each side.

Congratulations, Rick and Help You Sell Realty! We hope you enjoy your newly transformed apartment!

Click on the thumb pictures below to view a much larger picture.

"Before" Pictures:

   This apartment started with plain walls and white-on-white for color!

   Rick had a nice coffee table, couch, and lamp, but the room lacked warmth.

   The bare wall behind the couch was begging for attention. The coffee table needed a centerpiece that wouldn't scratch the delicate wood surface.

   Rick's existing bar stools were wrought iron, and provided the inspiration for the decor we would bring.


"After" Pictures:

   Bare, white walls warm up with a wrought iron piece in a "picture frame". A rustic picture of a sailing on the adjoining wall adds color to the entire room. The coffee table now has a Tuscan tray on it that holds Rick's remote controls, while hiding them with a spray of ivy. A silk runner protects the top of the coffee table from the tray, and three candle holders of varying height provide a break from the flatness.

   The TV is reiterated as a focal point by being framed above and on the sides. The top is a wrought iron scroll finished in black to match the TV and cabinet. The hurricane lamp candle holders on each side are black, with amber glass to pick up the colors of the sailing picture on the opposite side of the room.

   We rearranged the furniture just a bit to allow the torchiere / reading light to fit between the couch and the chair. Additional lighting and refreshing air is provided b the ceiling fan above (for those overly warm Redding summer nights!)

   We couldn't help but throw a few things into the downstairs bathroom to give it some color.


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