Barbara Kovacik Back Yard Makeover

This project posed an interesting challenge. Take a huge Redding back yard with tall, mature trees, a large deck, and a swimming pool, and give it a nautical theme. Spice up the yard with color, and do it all on a tight budget before out of town guests arrive. We rose to the challenge!

For color we chose to go with a red, white and blue theme. From local department stores we purchased white adirondack chairs, a blue umbrella, and white and blue planters, then we planted colorful flowers in the planters.

Next we went through our store's inventory and pulled anything nautical. Coming up a bit short, we went on a custom buying trip to find a brass captain's bell, wall decor anchor, and cap hooks with seagulls on them! We also found a few lighthouse figurines, a life preserver, and other knick-knacks that rounded out the nautical theme.

Did we meet the challenge? Yes! Was it done to the customer's budget? Yes! Did the back yard transform into a nautical paradise? Click the pictures below and judge for yourself!

Click on the thumb pictures below to view a much larger picture.

"Before" Pictures:



"After" Pictures:


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