Paul & Julie Reuter Main Living Areas Makeover

This was a really fun makeover to do! This Bella Vista home consists of a husband and wife and their two "football crazy" young boys. Any decor had to keep in mind that "boys will be boys", and we had to make sure this makeover was as "flying football friendly" as it could be!

The Reuters wanted to move the kids' homework station out of the main hallway and into the formal dining room. However, when the Reuters entertained they wanted to be able to convert the formal dining room from schoolhouse to formal room, so we had to design it to easily adapt back and forth. With cathedral ceilings, decorating the arched openings and plant shelf area enclosing the formal dining room was going to be a challenge.

Paul is an engineer, and produced detailed blueprints of a TV / stereo cabinet that he designed. The Reuters needed help finding a cabinet shop to take the complicated blueprints and build a custom cabinet. The existing cabinets throughout the home were honey oak finished, but the Reuters wanted furniture that was more contemporary and mission-style. Tina got the idea to highlight the kitchen cabinets with dark "rope" insets to tie the kitchen into the new furniture and decor that we brought in. We called in Amyx Cabinets of Cotonwood, gave them the cabinet plans, and then we all went to work!

Click on the thumb pictures below to view a much larger picture.

"Before" Pictures:

   Front door entrance to home. Kids' homework station right inside front door

   Entry way. Kids' homework station and family pictures

   Just inside front door, standing at kids' homework station and looking toward formal dining room. Living room is in the background, behind the dining room

   Traveling to the right toward the living room, this was the view of the formal dining room from the kitchen

   Continuing into living room, the fireplace offers a cozy and inviting corner

   View of living room from breakfast table. Big screen TV is on the right. It was important for the family to be able to view the TV while eating, so all new furniture brought in needed to be low in profile.

   View of living room from corner of breakfast room and dining table. The living room and formal dining room were wide open for the two young boys to be able to toss a football around

   View of formal dining room from the living room. Those are the arched plant shelves that were going to be a challenge...


"After" Pictures:

   Front door entrance to home. Kids' homework station is gone!

   Visitors are now greeted by an entry table that doubles as a station for incoming and outgoing mail. Mirror serves purpose of "last minute check-up" before walking out the door.

   Just inside front door, looking toward formal dining room. Living room is in the background, behind the dining room. Candle holders are protected from footballs by the decorative arched pillar.

   Same view as above, but a bit further down the hall. Picture on wall was one of Paul's favorites, so we incorporated it into the new decor.

   View the opposite direction from the picture above.

   The new formal dining room, which is shown here set up as the new kids' homework station. Low profile barstool-type chairs were used to maximize space usage. Stools are easily removed for formal entertaining, and table can be used as a buffet, card table, etc. Throw rug picks up the colors from the living room and combines the two spaces.

   Different angle view of new formal dining room. Swivel chair in the corner doubles as a reading area for the boys. Wine buffet adds class for when the Reuters are using the room for entertaining. Large clock can be seen from the living room, dining room, and kitchen, and brings the colors of the living room into this space.

   View from formal dining room of entry way. Again, care was taken to make all decor as kid-friendly as possible by keeping items low in profile.

   View of formal dining room from the breakfast table. We kept the plant shelves over the arched area simple, and added height only at the tallest part of the ceiling. Julie later added an uplight pointing at the Tuscan dish. Nice touch, Julie!

   View of corner of living room from formal dining room. Wood stove area now has custom-built mantle surrounding the river rock. "Mom's Chair" with mother/daughter reading light is just off to the right of the picture, allowing Julie to toast her feet while reading a good book!

   View from the new custom-built entertainment center. Low profile furniture was used, allowing clear view of big-screen TV from couch, mission-style captain's chairs, and from breakfast table.

   The ottoman that started it all. Julie showed it to us when we first started, and she said "design my makeover around this!" We used the colors of the ottoman for inspiration on everything else, including the throw rug in the formal dining room.

   Mantle custom-built by Amyx Cabinets now plays host to wine-themed decor. Olive tree on the left adds to the Tuscan charm.

   Close-up of mantle decor. Gold colored hurricane lamps and gold wine bottle tie into the clock on the far opposite wall of the dining room. Notice the dark rope inlay into the honey oak. The inlay ties the mission-style furniture into the mantle, and eliminated the cost of replacing oak kitchen cabinets.

   Close-up of slightly modified kitchen cabinets. Dark rope decor was inset into new, larger trim above the existing oak cabinets. This made the cabinets look larger, and tied the honey oak color to the new mission-style furniture. We made slight alterations and additions to Julie's existing above-cabinet decor.

   The adorable Reuter "football heroes" relaxing on mom's new reading chaise!

   Tina holding "Puddy Tat" - the adorable Reuter cat!


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