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Here are "before" and "after" pictures, HGTV style, of recent home makeover projects performed by California Decor Store.

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Paul & Julie Reuter Main Living Areas Makeover

      This was a really fun makeover to do! This Bella Vista home consists of a husband and wife and their two "football crazy" young boys. Any decor had to keep in mind that "boys will be boys", and we had to make sure this makeover was as "flying football friendly" as it could be!

The Reuters wanted to move the kids' homework station out of the main hallway and into the formal dining room. However, when the Reuters entertained they wanted to be able to convert the formal dining room from schoolhouse to formal room, so we had to design it to easily adapt back and forth. With cathedral ceilings, decorating the arched openings and plant shelf area enclosing the formal dining room was going to be a challenge.

Paul is an engineer, and produced detailed blueprints of a TV / stereo cabinet that he designed. The Reuters needed help finding a cabinet shop to take the complicated blueprints and build a custom cabinet. The existing cabinets throughout the home were honey oak finished, but the Reuters wanted furniture that was more contemporary and mission-style. Tina got the idea to highlight the kitchen cabinets with dark "rope" insets to tie the kitchen into the new furniture and decor that we brought in. We called in Amyx Cabinets of Cottonwood, gave them the cabinet plans, and then we all went to work!

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Rick Johnson Apartment Makeover

      Rick Johnson of Help-U-Sell Realty in Redding is one lucky person! He was the winner of the latest Redding Chamber of Commerce membership drive, sponsored by Keubler's Furniture, California Decor Store, Wired for Sound, and other local Redding Chamber of Commerce business members. The total value of the give-away was worth $25,000.00!

Apartment makeovers can be a bit of a challenge space-wise. It is important to keep in mind that the renter will not live in the space permanently, and would like to take their decor items with them to their new residence when they move.

We used Rick's existing furniture, and transformed the bare, white walls into a warm, inviting space. The bar stools, green couch, and chair with ottoman created the perfect setting for touches of wrought iron and a combination torchiere / reading lamp. The opposite wall featured a big-screen plasma TV, and we framed this focal point with a wrought iron scroll above the TV and wrought iron hurricane lamp candle holders on each side.

Congratulations, Rick and Help You Sell Realty! We hope you enjoy your newly transformed apartment!

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Greg & Deena Unger Main Living Areas Makeover

    Greg and Deena Unger of Palo Cedro had just bought a new couch and love seat. However, they felt the rest of their living room and dining room were drab. There was a large crack in the sheetrock between their formal living room and dining room, and this would have to be fixed. The Ungers knew they needed new furniture and new drapes, and possibly some color on the all-white walls. Oh, and the Ungers were expecting out of town guests for the Holidays, so things had to move fast!

Tina began this project by taking Deena to visit various local furniture stores. Together they looked at many furniture styles, until Deena felt that a mission style would work best for their family. The furniture was ordered, and Tina brought in Kelly and Sons Painting to repair the drywall and paint the walls an off-gold color. Nathan Kelly worked with Deena to get the color just right, and the rest of us went to work pulling accessories and ordering furniture accent pieces.

The theme wound up being a Tuscan mission style. The day of the final installation we collectively determined that the honey-oak entertainment center just wouldn't fit in with the darker furniture. Greg gave the go-ahead, and Victor ran back to town to acquire and haul back a darker-toned entertainment center that would accommodate a future-purchased big screen TV.

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Barbara Kovacik Back Yard Makeover

     This project posed an interesting challenge. Take a huge Redding back yard with tall, mature trees, a large deck, and a swimming pool, and give it a nautical theme. Spice up the yard with color, and do it all on a tight budget before out of town guests arrive. We rose to the challenge!

For color we chose to go with a red, white and blue theme. From local department stores we purchased white adirondack chairs, a blue umbrella, and white and blue planters, then we planted colorful flowers in the planters.

Next we went through our store's inventory and pulled anything nautical. Coming up a bit short, we went on a custom buying trip to find a brass captain's bell, wall decor anchor, and cap hooks with seagulls on them! We also found a few lighthouse figurines, a life preserver, and other knick-knacks that rounded out the nautical theme.

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